safety guidelines please read thoroughly

Vata Salon Covid-19 safety guidelines PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY

  • The state-mandated we keep our waiting room closed to keep occupancy to a minimum. Please call when you arrive and we will let you know if it’s ok to come in. If it’s not ok we will give you a time to enter the salon.  If for any reason the front desk is unable to answer the call feel free to come in at your specific appointment time.
  • Please come to your appointment alone. If assistance is needed to get into and out of the salon we understand. Please let the front desk staff know when you arrive and we will accommodate your needs. Parents with minors under 16 are allowed.
  • We require anyone entering the salon to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth. If you are getting color, wear a mask you are ok with getting color on.  If you don’t have a mask we will provide one for $1. If you cannot wear a mask, we will provide a face shield for $8. Face coverings are required for services.
  • Upon entering please wait for a staff member to check your temperature with a touchless thermometer. It must be 99 degrees or less. If above 99 we will need to reschedule.
  • After temperature check please sanitize your hands or proceed to our wash station to wash your hands
  • We encourage everyone to pay with a credit/debit card. Cash will be accepted but change will be applied to your account as a credit. Tip envelopes will be available if you request one. If you are returning a product cash refunds are not available
  • If possible come with clean (no products) dry hair. We understand it’s not always possible.
  • Please limit personal items. No food or drinks allowed. If food or a drink is needed because of medical issues please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • We ask that you let our staff pull retail products for you off the shelf.
  • We encourage everyone to schedule online through our website. If you haven’t registered for online booking before and normally get emails from us you can enter your email and hit “forgot password” and a temporary password will be sent to you.
  • If you colored your hair with an at-home color kit please let us know when booking. 
  • Beverages will temporarily not be offered.
  • We are not accepting coupons or discounts until August 1st.
  • Any service with a cut or color has increased $5. Any service with a Highlight has increased $10. Example: A cut alone is $5 more; a highlight alone is $10 more. A highlight cut and color together is also only $10 more.