Eyebrow Microblading


Microblading is a technique where we create your brow strand-by-strand, for the most natural-looking results.

Microblading 1st Session400
Microblading 2nd/Touch up session75
Microshading is a semi-permanent procedure that is in most cases done on top of Microblading strokes. Shading can be done at the first appointment or added at the touchup for $100. Shading is best suited for clients that are looking for a filled in makeup look or for those that have little to no brow hair and need shading to blend real hair and Microblading strokes.

Healed Microblading before touch up

Our microblading expert Jen has been in the industry for over 10yrs and produces absolutely amazing results.


Microblading is a two-step process. Every client will require the second session. At the initial visit, we map out your face to create your perfect eyebrow shape. We then choose the color that best matches your skin tone and eyebrow hair color. This appointment is around 2 hours long.


Step two is the perfecting session. This is when we fine tune everything into perfect symmetrically shaped eyebrows that you will love.  We will add any strokes that might have disappeared during the healing process. We can also add in more definition, thicken, add a higher arch or elongate the tail if the client desires. Any slight imperfections will be evened out during the second session.


Common Questions:

How long does it last?

It can last anywhere from 6m to 3 yrs. It gradually fades, but you may not lose 100% of the pigment. It depends on many things – sun exposure, skin products used, the condition of your skin, age your diet and your health. A touch up once a year may be done to retain the shape and saturation of pigment.

Is it a tattoo?

We do not use tattoo ink, we use pigment, which is made for permanent cosmetics. These pigments, gradually get softer over time, it will require a touch up every 18-24 months

How long is the appointment?

Your first appointment is around 2 hours, with most of the time spent going over color and drawing custom eyebrow shapes.

Does microblading work on all skin tones and skin types?

Microblading works on all skin tones. If you have oily skin, large pores, Keloid disorder, we do not recommend microblading

What is the aftercare?

Stay out of the sun and water while your microblading heals. Avoid chlorine, exfoliation creams, and sun exposure; they may cause your color to fade. We recommend applying a small amount of A&D ointment twice a day

How long does it take to heal?

In the first 7 days, you’ll need to avoid getting them wet, working out or wearing brow makeup. It takes about 30 days to completely heal, in which time you may experience mild scabbing.